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13/02/18 – Angels

Christmas lights in Dec 2016 in London: beautiful angels lit up the night sky. This is one of my favourite photos I have ever taken:

I have a couple of friends who believe in angels and how they look after us and watch over us. Whether or not we believe in angles (or anything for that matter) is each to their own. Previously, I never really believed, but over the years I have seen things that unhinge my angel atheism. But that’s another conversation for a different day.

I love this image. I love how pure it looks. When it’s cold outside and I feel alone for whatever reason, I return to this image. Tonight it is cold and my partner sleeps downstairs because he has work tomorrow. I don’t know why I feel alone. Sometimes I guess we just do for no reason. Tonight is one of those nights.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I will be cleaning up the house, cooking a meal and putting on a dress for date night in the home. I don’t care the misery that people spew about “You should show your love on other days than Valentine day!”. Absolutely. But why is it such a problem to choose to show extra love and care on the 14th February as well as other days in the year? I always think of it like a set date that just nudges (or shoves) you in the right direction.

Or you can think of it as a purely capitalist, commercial day, invented for card shops and florists to make money. Whatever works for you.

Goodnight x


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