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ASMR Happens: Live 2017

Welcome to the wonderfully relaxing, tingling world that is ASMR. ASMR is a youtube community of people brought together who experience a tingly, or as I prefer, a faint hum of a sensation that is relaxing and enjoyable that starts behind the back of the head and can travel down arms and legs if you… Read More ASMR Happens: Live 2017


ASMR…What’s That?

What on earth are those videos called ASMR about? Why are they whispering? Is this really an hour long video of someone tapping?? Read on… Have you ever experienced that super tingly sensation when you visit the hairdresser or the barbers? They’re massaging your scalp and you just zone out and float, almost asleep? Do certain… Read More ASMR…What’s That?